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Ranking MEGA Sidecar Trophy 2018

Please find the current ranking of the MEGA Sidecar Trophy here.

GP Belgium - Lommel

The 8th GP race in Lommel - Belgium, was a single struggle for survival.

Unfortunately, Team Cermak had no luck on Saturday in the qualifying. Immediately after takeoff, several crews collided and the race came to an end.

In the first race there were again collisions between several teams after the start, finally they made it to the finish in 19th place.

The start of the second race was a bit better, with Team Cermak finishing 13th. In the overall ranking, unfortunately, it was only the 15th place.

We are curious to see further results and look forward to the championship in the Czech Republic.

GP Spain - Talavera del Reina

26 teams came to the 3rd World Cup race in Talavera de la Reina, Spain.

In the prequalification Team Cermak reached the 6th place, which represents a good position in the qualification, where they unfortunately got into a collision and ended up in last place.

The start of the first race was at 7 o'clock in the morning and they managed to reach the finish with the 5th place. The second race was not so successful, but due to the mistakes and technical problems of the other crews, Team Cermak finished in 6th place.

GP France - Castelnau d. Lewis

The second race of the World Championship this year took place on a sunny Saturday accompanied by strong wind.

Team Cermak finished 8th in race 1 and 7th in race 2, which means 7th in the overall standings.

We are looking forward to the 3rd World Cup weekend in Talavera del Reina, Spain, where they will strive for the best result again.

A great success for Team Cermak

Last weekend they achieved the 1st place in the overall ranking at the races in Hänchen DE and 2nd place in Mohelnice CZ. Overall, all participating MEGA riders were very successful and satisfied.

Next weekend we will be in Castelnau - France. You can find direct race updates from the track on our new Facebook page - see!

MEGA Sidecar Trophy 2018

The MEGA Sidecar Trophy enters the first round and offers a platform for all racers who start with MEGA engines in various national and international races to prove each other. The winner will win a top prize of a new MEGA engine worth EUR 4.990, -.

Further information as well as the announcement can be found here.

The official dates for the races can be found here.

Click here for registration.

Registration MEGA Sidecar Trophy 2018