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Engine SC750

The most important updates on the MEGA SC750 engine (before named MTH engine)

Single cylinder 2-stroke

  • two-stroke engine liquid cooled
  • coated cylinder
  • reedvalve intake
  • kickstarter stop*
  • balanced crankshaft*
  • 82,5 PS

Higher power output and more torque combined with better throttle response

All wear parts are specifically heat treated, according to the latest knowledge of RÜBIG Heat Treatment. The right combination of material and heat treatment increases the performance and life span of the components. Series production and assembling are made by RÜBIG engine technology. In this way we can guarantee the best possible performance!

Technical data:

  • bore / stroke: 100mm / 89mm*
  • displacement: 699ccm*
  • fuel: 98 octane unleaded
  • fuel premix ratio: 1:60*
  • big end bearing: cage bearing
  • piston pin bearing: needle bearing
  • piston: forged / hard anodized
  • spark plug: NGK*
  • primary drive: spur-toothed gears
  • clutch: multiple disc clutch (9 discs / oil bath)
  • gear: 4-speed / claw actuated
  • ignition: programmable ignition-system 650 fire
  • cylinder: Nikasil-plated
  • intake: double V-membrane
  • weight: 32,5 kg

* New from 2016

Spare parts list

Please download the spare parts list for the MEGA sidecar engine SC750 here.