Retrofitted to all MEGA R01-engines. Available as an option on new engines instead of the standard Bing carburator.

The MIKUNI-Carburator Super BN for high performance applications is the latest in the series of MIKUNI-Carburators BN.

Benefits SUPER BN

  • High-Performance
  • Reinforced throttle shaft flap
  • No chocker valve
  • Fuel pump and nozzle parts separated for easier maintenance
  • Integrated fuel filter
  • Fine tuning of the pop-off shift by special needle valves and springs
  • Two instead of four nozzles (1 x high-speed, 1 x low-speed)

Item. No. 650 300 002

  • 1 pc. carburetor complete
  • 1 pc. air filter intake socket
  • 1 pc. carburetor adapter
  • 1 pc. air filter incl. clamp 70mm
  • 1 pc. carburetor gasket

Standard setting

Part / DescriptionSize / Setting
High speed jet150
Low speed jet70
Needle valve2,5
Spring / Needle valve115 Gram

Information about the service of the MIKUNI Carburator