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Kart rear axle MEGA R50 / R55

After one year of development and testing, there is a new innovation in kart sports. The quality of the rear axle is of vital importance to the ambitious kart driver.

The newly developed Mega axle with the dimensions 50x2 (50 mm diameter, 2 mm wall thickness) distinguishes itself through the following characteristics: Through the use of alloyed steel and a special heat and plasma supported surface treatment, the axle stands the test due to best driving qualities in all areas.

Two strength categories are available, a softer version with the label Mega R50 and a harder, high-strength version with the label Mega R55.

The axles are available for internal and external drive. Besides the perfect driving qualities, the rear axle scintillates through minor weight and high durability.

Furthermore, an easier assembling and disassembling in comparison to standard axles was established, due to the fact that the deformation of an axle is essentially lower with the use of locking screws.