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Control- and engine service intervals for MEGA R01 kart engine

Not paying attention to these service intervals can cause engine damage!

Before and after each run/heat:

  • Check sprockets regarding wear an bended teeth – exchange if necessary
  • Check cooling system (attention: hot water exists when opening the radiator)
  • Check chain tension and tighten if necessary
  • Choose the correct carburator injection (before driving)
  • Check mounting screws of the throttle valve and glue and re-tighten if necessary
  • Check friction linings of the clutch shoe assy and replace if necessary
  • Check fuel filter for contamination (fuel filter and filter on the back side of the carburator)
  • After a longer driving interruption (1 month) drain jet chamber from fuel
  • Clean and lubricate the air filter. If air filter is damaged, replace

Every 10 hours driving operation:

  • Check starter gear drive regarding worn teeth
  • Clean and lubricate clutch needle bearing of the clutch wheel
  • Check damper mat in the box of the exhaust system and replace if necessary

Every 10 hours driving operation or after two months downtime:

  • Renew nozzle chamber membrane

Every 10 hours racing operation or 20 hours driving operation:

Check following components:

  • piston, piston pin, piston pin bearing
  • con rod bearing, big end bearing and oil seals of the crank shaft
  • balancing gear drive

Every 20 hours racing operation and 30 hours normal operation:

  • Engine revision
  • Change of following components:
    • piston, piston pin, piston pin bearing, con rod, con rod bearing
    • big end bearing and oil seals of the crank shaft 
    • balancing gear drive
    • renew oil in balancing gear drive

Every year:

  • Renew fuel filter and fuel hoses